Relevant Articles for the Home Inspection Industry

The Ottawa Citizen; Testing the testers

Many welcome national standards, regular reviews for home inspectors Randy Ray, The Ottawa Citizen Published: Saturday, November 22, 2008 If anyone knows the value of investing in the services of a home inspector, it's Julie Fournier. In 2006, Ms. Fournier...

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National Certification Program

Claude Lawrenson, RHI, National Certificate Holder, NCA Chair Is There a Need for Two Credentials? I am sure that many home inspectors wonder why "we" have a system that seems to promote two similar but different credentials. Often in my travels and...

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Home Inspection Act 2017

ASK THE INSPECTOR COLUMN FOR APRIL 27, 2017 Back in 1999, I sat in a room in Quebec and listened to the folks from CMHC as they laid out their plans for a National Home Inspection Licensing Program. It was a draft proposal and, after reading it, I remember...

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