The Horizon Reporting System……… ’Taking You Beyond’

Carson Dunlop has combined their extensive knowledge base with Microsoft’s newest technology to create the next generation of report writing. The breadth of information we can offer is unparalleled, and clients, agents, allied professions, will quickly recognize how much we are doing to improve the life of our clients.

Your home is a complicated structure. Your report won’t be. HORIZON does indeed take you beyond. I pride myself on providing my clients with Horizon Reports, that are easy to understand and you won’t be overwhelmed with information you don’t care about.

HORIZON is a comprehensive web-based reporting system that produces an exceptional report that is published and posted on the web exclusively for our clients. The report includes fantastic benefits like; photos taken during the inspection, color illustrations, and links to relevant reference materials.

Carson Dunlop has led the home inspection reporting industry for over 25 years. Those familiar with Carson Dunlop’s legacy built around Carson Dunlop’s Home Inspection Training System, Home Reference Book and Illustrated Home, will marvel at their latest endeavor.

All reports are only for the property I am inspecting, no redundant or useless information, strictly customized for your potential home. The format is easy to follow with photos, illustrations and all the technical information you will ever need, all in a user friendly format.

The Inspection Is Just the Beginning

Your report is the end result you’ll reference again and again. You will be happy you chose Fulton Home Inspections and the Horizon Reporting System!

Horizon allows you to dream while addressing all the home’s needs.