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Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Thinking of purchasing a new home? Buying property can be a smart decision on many levels, but a home with unknown problems can wind up being a real hassle and source of financial strain. If you’re looking for a thorough pre-purchase home inspection, contact us, we understand the importance of performing detailed inspections. That’s why we take the time to examine every aspect of the home you’re looking to buy, from the roof to the foundation to everything in between. Get answers before you sign that contract!

Sellers Inspections

A ‘Seller’s Inspection’ is a powerful marketing tool that helps sell your home quickly and easily. The inspection report helps buyers, sellers and real estate professionals. Everyone knows the condition of the home up front, resulting in fair pricing, no last minute surprises, and more comfortable buyers. Services Include: The inspection report is available when the home is listed. It provides detailed information on:
  • Improvement recommendations for conditions, with time frames and ball park costs.
  • Photos and colour illustrations for clarity.
  • Reference material to help people understand how their home works, life cycles and costs of home components and critical maintenance tips
We offer two packages in addition to the Seller’s Inspection report, which help to market the home.  Both include the items above, plus valuable add-ons that will help when selling your home. Base Package A one-page PDF Summary Report that can be shared with prospective buyers.  The report highlights positive attributes and the major findings of the inspection. Premium Package This includes 50 high quality print copies of the Summary Report, one full colour printout of the complete inspection report and a copy of the Home Reference Binder. What about the Buyer? We are often asked whether home buyers are at a disadvantage because they did not get an inspection.  While Seller’s Inspections help buyers make an informed offer, some buyers want their own inspection, and we fully support this.  For buyers that rely on our Sellers Inspection Report we offer an ‘Onsite Review’ to go through the home and explain the report.  This service can be performed before or after the home changes hands.  It is done with the Home Inspection professional who completed the initial inspection.  He will explain the report and answer questions; it’s like a customized course in home maintenance.

Brookfield Integrated Relocation Program (IRP).Integrate)

Fulton Home Inspections is proud to be a registered service provider with Brookfield’s IRP, and has been helping Canada’s military families for over 14 years. Background: The Federal Government’s Integrated Relocation Program is a unique program that provides government entities which include the Government of Canada, the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with increased flexibility and assistance to relocate Members/Employees to new work locations.  IRP aims to make relocation easy and efficient, centralizing the administration of relocation with a single contractor, Brookfield GRS. How It Works Government entities authorize their employees to relocate.  Brookfield GRS administers their relocation according to one of 3 different directives/policies:

Commercial Inspections

Before buying any type of commercial property, it’s important to have a comprehensive inspection to ensure that it’s as safe and well-maintained as you think it is. And that’s where we come in. At Fulton Home Inspections, we offer thorough, comprehensive commercial property assessments in Napanee, and Eastern ON. Protect Yourself Commercial properties don’t tend to come cheap. So if you want to protect your bottom line, it’s imperative that you know what you’re getting into before agreeing to a purchase. Our commercial property assessments are designed to uncover hidden issues and provide a detailed picture as to the state of the building or facility you’re looking to buy. Our knowledgeable team can alert you to potential safety issues and structural problems so that you can make an informed decision before you go under contract. For more information about our services or to schedule a commercial property inspection, call Fulton Home Inspections today.


Fulton Home Inspections offers a leading new home inspection service. When you select Fulton Home Inspections to conduct a new home inspection, you are selecting a firm that has the credentials, experience, and process that has been honed through conducting hundreds of new home inspections. Fulton Home Inspections provides inspection services to new home purchasers, in preparation for submitting warranty claim requests.  These warranty claim periods include:
  1. Pre-delivery Inspections (PDI)
  2. 30-day Warranty Period
  3. 1-year Warranty Period
  4. 2-year Warranty Period
  5. Our process and reports are focused to providing you with information needed to report deficiencies to Tarion and to your builder within the guidelines of the New Home Warranty Program. We can help you in your warranty claim submission process.

Learn more about the National Certification Program for Home Inspectors at: National Home Inspector Certification Council